1. Mumbai: Nikunj S Parekh
  2. Vapi: Krunal Parekh
  3. Valsad: Amar B. Parekh
  4. Bilimora: Piyush H. Parekh
  5. Navsari: Devang D. Parekh
  6. Surat: Tejas P. Parekh

We have been playing with diferent formats in the tournaments among SIX warrior teams!

  1. Mumbai
  2. Vapi
  3. Valsad
  4. Bilimora
  5. Navsari
  6. Surat

…Sometimes teams by the particular sponsors had also participated as the sixth team in the tournament like:

  • Mama- Bhania Team

Before you go through these records, please keep in mind that comprehensive and up to date work on records has not been done till date. Few records mentioned below are well known to almost all players and cricket fans! Please note that we don’t have all the details of team records as well as personal records. We are trying to include as many records as possible. As already requested on Facebook, if you have any photos, information to share or if you find your or your team record is missing here, do send the same to This is just an  attempt to create a tempo in players and fans! The admin of the site is also a player like you! Your cooperation will be highly solicited!

  • First ever Champions: Bilimora Cricket Team
  • First ever Century: Gaurang Soni, Navsari
  • First ever Hatrick: Gopesh Parekh, Valsad
  • Maximum time Champions: Surat Cricket Team
  • Maximum time Venue: BDCA’s Sardar Stadium, Valsad
  • Maximum time reached in Finals: Navsari Cricket Team
  • Players playing from the very First tournament (…and STILL going strong!)
    • Gautam Parekh, Mumbai
    • Dharmen Parekh, Mumbai
    • Kamlesh Parekh, Mumbai
    • Jignish Parekh, Mumbai
    • Amit Soni, Bilimora
    • Piyush Parekh, Bilimora
    • Manoj Parekh, Bilimora
    • Dharmesh Soni, Navsari
    • Gaurang Soni, Navsari
    • Devang Parekh, Navsari
  • Players who have scored century till date
    • Gaurang Soni, Navsari
    • Mitesh Parekh, Mumbai
    • Amit Soni, Bilimora
    • Kountaiya Parekh, Valsad
  • Highest score in an inning: 227 Runs Bilimora Cricket Team against Vapi at Lalbhai Contractor Stadium, Surat in 2001
  • Cricket Preformance of Tejas J Parekh, Surat (Sent to us by Tejas)


As you know, this year we are reaching a mile-stone! Silver jubilee of cricket tournament! It’s amazing, wonderful journey of last 25 years of non-stop cricket!

and we are here to share incredible, mind blowing, thrilling moments of cricket – that we have played during these many years.

so be ready…